A Message To LEGO Fans From Julia Goldin

Video message to fans

LEGO Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin has shared a video message with the AFOL community regarding the current situation around the coronavirus.

The LEGO brand is stronger than ever, with families and individuals around the world inspired by LEGO content online and encouraging them to do their own building. As a result, LEGO Chief Marketing Officer Julia Goldin has shared a message of gratitude with AFOLs via a video.

“First and foremost I hope that all of you are healthy and safe and that your loved ones are healthy and safe,” she says.

Goldin acknowledges the frustration of the event calendar being so disrupted: “Right now, in the period between march and September it’s usually the period where we have a lot of events that are staged by you. We have around 800 public events around the world that attract over six and a half million people and have the participation of over 15,000 AFOLs.

“All of these events serve as such a great source of inspiration, such a great source of imagination and creativity and fun and possibilities of what you can do with the brick for so many people around the world. You are of course all missing these events, as I am.”

She does have a message of positivity for fans: “I know this is a difficult time, but it will pass.”

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