• Photo of Heart Scare!

    Heart Scare!

    I’m sat here dictating to my computer as even typing hurts. So seen as right now running is off the…

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  • Photo of Site Updates & Changes

    Site Updates & Changes

    This week I have been doing a bit of house keeping on my personal site. My Stocksbridge Park Steels section…

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  • Photo of Name change complete

    Name change complete

    Good morning, does anyone else wake up wondering whatever next? With everything on lock down it has allowed me to…

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  • Photo of Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes


    Thought it would be prudent to put this out in advance so regulars will not be shocked when a few…

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  • Photo of Getting Cancer Changes Things

    Getting Cancer Changes Things

    I’ve started and stopped multiple times recently regarding writing this post. But having had time for it to register I…

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  • Photo of Clean Slate

    Clean Slate

    1/1/2020, Day dot, ground zero, a fresh start call it what you will but sometimes the only way to move…

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  • Photo of Welcome to the new website

    Welcome to the new website

    I am very excited to announce the launch of my newly designed website. Visit us at After 3 years…

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