CoronaThon 2020

Welcome to the CoronaThon

Organiser David Eccles has just launched the ‘CoronaThon’, a virtual running challenge that’s attracting sign-ups from around the world.

Run 5k (or more if you like) everyday of this pandemic, or at least 31 days of it, starting from the day you sign up! Your medal and T-shirt will be posted to the address you register with 31 days after signing up.

Proof of mileage is not required – as many factors beyond a runner’s control might interrupt a well-intentioned streak at the moment – but runners are encouraged to post pictures or tracks from their runs on the associated CoronaThon Strava club (CoronaThon).you can enter here.

Please everyone stay safe, running and fresh air is being highly recommended during these times, but a common sense approach is required! Remember to keep your distance if running with others, and follow your country’s advice for running in urban areas, there is no problem pausing the challenge if the authorities deem it necessary! Otherwise have fun and conquer the CoronaThon!!

I got the idea when I was out running with a friend, just before lockdown. I thought it would be good to commit to running a certain distance, like a 10k, every day that the current situation continued. I thought of it kind of like the Marcothon – and so the CoronaThon was born.

This week we had someone post pictures of their dusty trail run in South Africa and another posting snaps from a woodland trail in the US. It’s clearly catching on! I was worried that the lockdown we had last Monday would kill the CoronaThon off, so I was very pleased to hear both Nicola and Boris specifically say we could carry on running – with the current restrictions in mind of course.David Eccles, Organiser

The manager of a football club in ‘normal times’, the gradual disappearance of group sport over the past fortnight or so has meant that Eccles has had a bit more time on his hands than usual.

He’s designed the UK-produced medals himself, and the T-shirts – also to be produced in the UK – are just getting some finishing touches. Runners will receive both by post 31 days after they register.  Asked why he made the CoronaThon into a public challenge rather than keeping it private.

Runners are a funny bunch. We need a goal, and without one, many of us might just resort to sitting around the house eating crisps. The CoronaThon is there to help us keep our fitness and motivation up while races are cancelled and we’re otherwise stuck in the house.

But it’s about more than fitness. Running helps a lot of us deal with the stress of the current situation, and ease off the pressures of the day. By committing to running every day, hopefully people are also committing to reducing their stress. And with the spring racing calendar basically cancelled, and who knows what will happen over the next few months, I also wanted to make sure runners can add at least one medal and T-shirt to their collections this year!David Eccles


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