Guidance released for return of racing

Racing is going to look a lot different for now

The government revealed earlier in month that physical activity and participation events can resume in England from 11 July, and sports facilities and outside pools can re-open from 25 July. Since then runners have been waiting on news of return to racing. We got news last week of track racing, which hasn’t been met with support with some very draconian measure in place. Yesterday UKA and Run Britain released guidelines on staging running events and for now racing as we know it will look very different. I think most major races will hold off till 2021 or when there is a vaccine but for smaller low key events, it is a least the chance for people to race again.

It will be worth all runners reading these guidelines so they can make a judgment on if it;s the right race for them with everything taken into consideration. I’ve not seen any date yet released by UKA/RunBritain but when racing does here is a link to the full guidelines that can be downloaded from the Run Britain website.

The guidelines state, ‘Organisers must design start line procedures such that the density of participants at the start line is within social distancing guidelines. Here are some highlights:

  • Maximising the space available at the start line and the time available for participants to cross the start line. No baggage drops
  • Clear messaging to participants to follow start line protocols (e.g. seeding by predicted time).
  • Reducing the dwell time before the start to an absolute minimum. Move participants more rapidly to the start line.
  • Modelling the start “release” time. This would include lengthening the release time to allow social distancing to be maintained throughout the course and have a buffer built in to reduce the flow rate and compensate for compression on the course due to emergency access, pedestrian crossings, incidents etc.’
  • The guidelines also note that event features that lead to congregating, such as race pacers, should be removed from the route.
  • Also moving people at the finish one as fast as possible, medals will have to be collected from bags rather then being hung around necks. No stopping in the finish funnel and no hugging etc.

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