LEGO Ninjago City Docks Set Review

The 3 D2C Ninjago Set is a must have for fans

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Build Experience - 95%
Minifigures - 94%
Parts - 94%
Playability - 98%
Vale for Money - 76%


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It is a great set that you will not regret having. and will spend a good 10 hours building

User Rating: 4.43 ( 4 votes)

The Ninjago City Docks is a great set. It is a fantastic intricate AFOL build on par with the Creator Expert Modular sets. Layered with complex inventive builds. But it must be said, this is the third Ninjago D2C set. Prior releases being the Temple of Airjitsu and the Ninjago City set. This set is by far the weakest of the three. The Ninjago City set in particular ranks as one of the all time top 5 Lego sets ever. It stands alongside the legendary UCS Millennium Falcon or the Taj Mahal.

It is possibly the single best most complex playset that Lego ever released. This Ninjago City Docks set is a great set. But really it is at best an add on for Ninjago City. And one that seems puny in comparison. As a standalone set it feels a little small for it’s price. Which is strange considering it stretches across a 32×48 base.

Official Description

Have fun with Lloyd, Cole and friends at THE LEGO® NINJAGO MOVIE™ 70657 NINJAGO® City Docks and defend against Garmadon’s attacks. This highly detailed set features a harbor with a functioning crane and boat, and 2 levels of Old World locations including a grocery store with tipping food display and rotating rotisserie; house with map room and kitchen/bedroom; sculptor’s workshop; plus a dojo. Experience modern NINJAGO City life on The Street with a tearoom and an arcade with interchangeable billboards, buildable arcade games, functioning vending machine and a buildable pig ‘balloon’ attached to the roof. This set also includes 13 LEGO NINJAGO minifigures.

  • Includes 13 LEGO® NINJAGO® minifigures: Lloyd, Cole (in casual outfit), Garmadon, Private Puffer, Runje, Chan Kong-Sang, Runme, Runde, Dareth, Lil’ Nelson, Mystake, Chad and Betsy (with a baby figure).
  • Features a modular design for easy play, including a harbor, Old World (lower level), Old World (upper level) and The Street.
  • Harbor features brick-built water; boathouse with a boat for a minifigure with an opening roof, oar and secret compartment with 2 collectible NINJAGO® ‘cards’; dock with functioning crane; removable barrels containing assorted elements; and an opening cave.
  • Old World (lower level) features: a grocery store with tipping food display and rotating rotisserie; alleyway; and a sculptor’s workshop with a buildable statue and statue elements.
  • Old World (upper level) features Runde the explorer and Mystake’s house, and Dareth’s dojo.
  • House features a map room with assorted elements including a globe, sextant and a book with a collectible Atlantis ‘card’ inside; sliding doors; kitchen/bedroom with buildable oven, sink, bunk beds with removable top bunk, and assorted elements including a TV; and a roof with attachment points for 2 minifigures.
  • Dojo features 4 katanas, 4 shurikens, weapon racks and assorted elements including a Sensei Chen tournament leaflet, 3 trophies and exterior wall with scroll.
  • The Street features the explorer and Mystake’s tearoom, arcade with billboards, and a newspaper stand with 3 NINJAGO® News elements.
  • Tearoom features a service counter, opening entrance door, scales, teapot, cup and 2 NINJAGO® News elements.
  • Arcade features 2 buildable arcade games, a buildable candy machine, interchangeable billboards, functioning vending machine with money bill and 3 soda can elements, and a buildable pig ‘balloon’ attached to the roof.
  • Weapons include the Green Ninja Lloyd’s sword, Garmadon’s 4 katanas and Private Puffer’s fish chainsaw.
  • Accessory elements include Cole’s mobile phone, Runje’s fishing rod, Chan Kong-Sang’s money bill, Runme’s hammer and chisel, Lil’ Nelson’s arm cast, Chad’s cup and Betsy’s baby bottle.
  • Connect to 70620 NINJAGO® City for endless ninja adventures.
  • This cool toy for kids measures over 14” (37cm) high, 14” (38cm) wide and 9” (25cm) deep.


The Box is gorgeous. Slightly smaller than Ninjago City, but still huge. About the same size as a large UCS set. Inside half the parts are in a smaller white interior box. The rest simply bagged and packed around it. On the box art the set looks gorgeous. But the box art does start to give a hint towards one of the sets issues. Both front and back main pictures show the Dock side of the structure. With only a tiny inset photo showing the street side. This becomes an issue when combined with Ninjago City as NCDocks has it’s pretty side to the rear. The Instructions are a single thick squarebound book. Once again comparisons to Ninjago City must be made. Those instructions were three square books, each with a unique opening section providing information on the section of city being build and names and biographies of the associated minifigs. This one sort of does that, but it feels a bit half arsed. They do give some character bio’s. But they are just a few pages to the rear. They don’t have the lush histories in the prior instruction books.


The Instructions have one other major flaw. Something feels very off about them. While they don’t have any missing steps or flawed diagrams, it feels like many of the build steps are oddly ordered. Attaching small detail parts late in a sub assembly that you must dissasemble parts of it just to be able to get fingers in to seat the parts. The ordering of steps just seems very odd for a Lego set. You might almost think they hired the Megabloks instruction maker.


The set has a delightful 14 named minifigs. 15 is you could the skeleton statue in the stone workers shop. Most of the figs are Civilian residents of the City. The figures in General can be broken down into Ninja related figures. And Ninjago City Civilian related figures.

Ninja – We have Lloyd, in his Green Ninja outfit (includes extra blonde hair), Garmadon, and Private Puffer. The only unique figure among them is Private Puffer, and I think that is just his face print. Lloyd and Garmadon are standard Ninjago Movie figs. And honestly? They feel wildly out of place in this set. They feel like filler. And they don’t fit in tonally with the city market feel of the set.

Civilians – Way too many to go through detailed reviews of. We have Betsy and her Baby, who famously shouted “garmadon, Garmadon GARMADON!” in the movie. Chad who sang the cringy Lloyd song to insult him. Civilian Cole in a really neat outfit. Master Dereth the Brown Ninja in his school training uniform. Lil Nelson one of Dereth’s students with a broken arm. Mystake the mysterious Tea Lady and friend of Master Wu. We have the Asian themed civilian siblings Runde Runje and Runme. And Chan Kong San in a nice Kung Fu’ish outfit.


Way way too many to mention. Much like any large D2C set, this set is a gold mine for newer construction parts and unusual parts and colors.


It’s gorgeous. A nice three tiered Asian themed small dock and fishing area. On a fully tiled water base that achienves some masterful effects by using trans blue tiles, but varrying the colors beneath them to give depth.

The first layer, the Old City layer includes the large Dock area. A fruit and vegetable merchant. A turkey rotiserie place. The stone cutters shop and a watery cave. The detail on this level is amazing.

Second level matches up to Ninjago Cities Street level. It includes the Explorers Office/Map Room. A large private residence. and Master Dereth’s Mojo Dojo.

Above that is a third level, which roughly corresponds to Ninjago Cities upper street level. This contains Mystake’s Tea Shop and a Video Arcade. Other than some wonderfully unique roofs, that is as far as it goes. Ninjago City Docks does not reach the upper three stories of Ninjago City.

Much like Ninjago City, once you get above the first level the buildings are individual modules that stack like small Modular Buildings. Each is quite unique, with a lot of fun detail and great builds. The final crowning piece is a pink Cherry Blossom balloon or sculpture that matches NC’s Puffer Fish and Squid.

Overall Impressions

It is a great set that you will not regret having. and will spend a good 10 hours building. As a standalone it feels a little weak compared to its prior 2 sibblings. As an addon for Ninjago City it is fantastic, but has a few odd display problems that collectors should be aware of.

In Ninjago City you have the extremely detailed front corner facings. The back is a nice fully finished canal area. But it is by no means the pretty side. Whereas when you connect Ninjago City Docks to Ninjago City, The pretty side of the Dock’s is away from the Towers best look. If you display your modular type buildings on a shelf, it likely means the most interesting part of this set will be facing the wall. The “Front” Facing is quite nice. But it lacks the detail and the places for figures to go about theirl business that the rear has. It’s a minor flaw, but a strange one.


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