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Rebrand from Mohican to Stocksbridge

Good morning, does anyone else wake up wondering whatever next? With everything on lock down it has allowed me to do the planned changes to social media and this website. I spoke about changes in my recent blog post. Since then the website has changed names from Mohican Runner to Stocksbridge Runner, I have tweaked the colour scheme and updated the logo.

The domain name is now parked on my hosting as an alias, this just means that all the old links etc will still work. I will continue to keep it like this for the foreseeable future, eventually I will have it that all old links redirect to the new domain name. If you do notice an issues please let me know,

The logo went to a public vote, I asked on several platforms which was the preferred logo, these were the four options:

So to explain the story behind the badges. The colour scheme and concept comes from my local non league football side called Stocksbridge Park Steels. In a previous life I designed a badge that was used on an old website I ran. The top left one is the closet to the badge, I removed the SPS from the clock tower and replaced it with a runner and added the Yorkshire Rose to either side and the year I started running. The clock tower is on most logos associated with my home town as its a local landmark. Once I was happy with this design I then made the top right which is reverse colours. The bottom left which is mostly white is based on the clubs current design, finally the bottom right is just a gold outline which can be used for backgrounds. As said I posted the above picture and the overall majority picked the top right as their preferred logo. So going forward that is my default badge and others will be secondary badges.

Besides flickr (still setting up) all social media sites have had name changes and new usernames. I am pissed at Twitter as they have a 15 character username limit so had to tweak username on there slightly but my major social media links are as follows:

You can find all these links in both the top menu and also in the footer. I am still double checking for any name changes I may have missed, so if you notice anything please let me know.

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