New AFOL Engagement Manager Announced

New man at the top for adult fans

It has been announced that the role of LAN and AFOL Engagement Manager has been filled. The role will be taken by Jordan Paxton. Although for many readers this will mean nothing, the role does come with a connection to the wider LEGO® community.

This includes various AFOL events, once they begin again and the LAN Blog, which can be accessed by any LEGO fans. Jordan has previously provided maternity cover on the LEGO Ambassador Network forums and recently helped out. I’m sure my fellow LEGO Ambassadors and LEGO Fans will take a moment to fully welcome Jordan to the crazy world of AFOLs.

It is extremely exciting to be joining the AFOL Engagement team and to help support the relationship between the LEGO Group and fan communities. Over the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to meet some fans both online and at events and I have learned so much about the different facets of the fandom. This time has shown me the true breadth of the passion and has helped make me a strong advocate for the growing AFOL community. As a fan myself, I can look back and see many important LEGO milestones in my life. As a child, I enjoyed the classics of space and castle. Personally, I was always a fan of the wolf pack sets. Like many children of the 80s and 90s, I fell away from the brick and it would take a nudge to get me back to building.  In 2003, my mother helped me get out of my dark ages by sending me a LEGO set to build during finals week at college.

LEGO set 4581 The Origins will always remain one of my favorite sets because it reintroduced me to a passion I had let slip away. After this set, and quite a few more, working for the LEGO Group became my next goal. Eventually, I would get the opportunity to work at the LEGO Brand store in Orlando and eventually move up to Connecticut to work in Consumer Services. Now to be continuing this journey in Denmark is unbelievable. Over the next few months and years, I look forward to meeting you at events and working with you on the LAN. If you see me, please share with me your journey to becoming an AFOL as well as your passion with the brick. There are so many different ways that fans express their passion with the brick and each one teaches me more about the greater fan community. I look forward to seeing you around and don’t be surprised if you see me building with DUPLO® bricks just as often as LEGO bricks! Jordan Paxton


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